Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bush Whacking In Owens River Gorge

Hello Folks, 
I know it has been a long time since I last posted but I have relocated back to California after four great years in Montana. 
This first post will be of the Owens River Gorge in Inyo County.
My wife Lidice, myself and two buddies Mike (Bollo) and Sam made the long late night drive down highway 395 and arrived in the early AM to sleep on top of the rim. It was a dry hot morning which led to a bright hot day in the canyon.
The plant life mainly stinging thistle lined the entire length of the small meandering river and made for tough going for us fishermen.
I am pretty bad at casting in this type of terrain but Mike and Sam said that they caught a few and tossed them back. Lidice on the other hand hung out up against the rocks where she had found the only shade in the canyon for the long dry day. 

Owens River Gorge
Some nice rock formations down in the canyon.
My wife Lidice looking a little bushed from the hike in.

Lidice was happy in the little bit of shade that she could find.
Our tents in the sun.
End of the day sun.

This trip was the first time in over two years that I was able to put a backpack on and go down a hill. It was a fairly easy hike by my usual standards but coming off of a major back surgery made this a special trip.

Here is my old hiking buddy and life long friend the legendary bush whacker Mike 'Bollo' Pachin doing his thing along the river.

Bollo coming in from the long day bush whacking thistles.

Sam coming in to.

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