Friday, July 16, 2010

Farewell to the Sacramento Valley

Hi folks,
I finally got the internet up and running in my apartment and will be blogging as much as possible in the future. First before I start to go on about my new home in Montana and all the beautiful sights around here and in Yellowstone, I wanted to say goodbye to California and the Sacramento Valley.
   This area has been a real motivator for my photography for the past decade and would like to have a little picture recall....
The Yolo Basin has been both a source of motivation and monetary gain for myself and here a few from that area.

This shot looks west towards the Putah Creek and Lake Berryessa Gap and has been a good place for me to retreat in the hot summer times for a swim. I think all of us from Vacaville remember the good times up at the Lake and I hold nice thoughts of this forever in my memory.

How many times have we seen the water fowl flying over at the beginning of winter?

And how's about those springtime walks in the blooming flower beds in the Vernal Pools outside of Davis or any Valley town for that matter that has not been put to death under track houses?

My favorite plate of Mexican food....will miss that so so much!

I will sorely miss floating around and swimming in the cool waters up at Berryessa in the horrible hot days of summer.
I will not miss the constant and horrible whining sounds of the leaf blowers at 8 am Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday's. I will not miss the gridlock on Interstate 80 or the stupid greedy city slicker drivers coming to Davis in Fall to drive like horses asses through our sleepy little town. I will not miss the insane rules that saturate our Valley towns much to the detriment of the citizen's wallets and freedoms, with the overzealous cops constant pursuit to make us save from ourselves and the eminent 'Terrorist Threat!' 'Ooo, I'm scared!'

However, I will miss my friends, family and the wild outdoors of Northern California's Central Sacramento Valley for sure.