Sunday, July 31, 2011

Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls in Canyon District and Lake District of Yellowstone National Park

   Hi folks,
sorry for the delay in my posts but I have been on the road. First stop was the Canyon District in Yellowstone where I focused my lenses on the great waterfalls there. The next weekend, I was off to the Teton National Park and Lake District of Yellowstone. The next three weeks, I drove to California for some time with friends and family.
   Thanks to all my people for letting me crash over and sharing their beer and food with me. I will return just as soon as I make some more cash and that should be sometime in the deep winter freeze.
Of course, you are all welcome to come visit us here in the Rocky Mountains and I will have that cabin(in bear country) waiting for you to stay in.

To get to the Tetons from Livingston Montana one must travel through the Yellowstone National Park and down past the Lake District. Here is my some of my work from that beautiful area.

And now 

The Upper and Lower Yellowstone waterfalls of the Canyon District
Lower Yellowstone Falls

Lower Yellowstone Falls

Osprey Nest sits in Canyon

Lower Yellowstone Falls

Upper Yellowstone Falls Slow Exposure

Upper Yellowstone Falls fast shutter speed

And some large format black and white photography.

Yellowstone Canyon

Lower Yellowstone Waterfall

Yellowstone Canyon with Lower Yellowstone Falls

Bear with me folks... I am really behind in my editing and it will take some weeks to catch up with all the digital and black and white development I must do before you guys can take a look.
Also, I am starting to design several calendars for the holidays plus making large prints of my work for sale.
Until Friday....