Friday, June 8, 2012

Birds, Creeks And My Pet Buffalo; Buffi

Sorry that I have been missing in action folks but I have been traveling to California. Before I left town, I took a few picture inside the Yellowstone Park. I also included a couple of my wife and I fishing on the Big Timber Creek in the Crazy Mountains, and a couple images of my daughter Sasha Yvette Belcher who graduated from High School this past weekend.

Lidice sunning on a boulder overlooking the Big Timber Creek

Myself striking out on the same creek.

Very nice place to relax

Lidice enjoying the shade
 Up in the Yellowstone the spring runoff has begun.

Udine Falls during spring runoff.

 This is my pet at my job Buffi the Buffalo

 Springtime has also brought out the birds in the Yellowstone.
Dark Eyed Junco

Chipping Sparrow

White Crowned Sparrow