Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saw something last night I never saw before.

Last evening at sundown, I was up in a high flat plateau taking pictures when I saw numerous flashes over the mountains. It was a raging lighting storm coming in towards me. I thought about taking long exposure pictures but the thing like a monster from a Japanese monster movie was coming fast, so I went down into the canyon to ride it out. It was like being in a cash wash with lighting hitting all over in my truck. The wind was blasting up dust and debris and I thought this might be the time I die. This went on for two hours, as this cold wet air pushed out the hot left over stale air of the day. The rolling thunder was just like Odin and Thor would sound like playing with the other gods as I finally fell to sleep. Woke up to more thunder and lighting and this would come throughout the entire day.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Some people are to rich! From now on, I will boycott Mentos candy!

   Spent most of my Sunday morning trying to find a way up to the top of this nearby mountain on the outskirts of Livingston. Seems that on the North side of the mountain, certain rich folks have sealed off the access to the National Forest and on the North side of the mountain a super rich Mentos candy owner has supposedly bought up the entire mountain???
   I seriously doubt this claim from the overweight woman on the quad that told me this. I had entered the end of the road at the top of the hill overlooking the peasants below and found this enclave of McMansions complete with a lacky on a quad guarding their precious property from city slickers such as myself complete with California license plates. My question is: Why do some people that have millions of dollars, seven or eight giant overblown eyesore houses need to keep honest photographers and nature lovers, (not to mention a disabled veteran) from what is rightfully ours, mine and yours? These are the same greedy people that want no one to interfer with "theirs", yet when they have a wild fire raging through their fenced off property, they expect the 'people's' tax paid for forest service and fire departments to come to their rescue. They demand that the same peasants now risk life and limb to save their property when any other time they look down litterly upon the same folks that will save their property.
 I am like the natives in the respect that you may buy the property but you really do not 'own it'. It (the property) will be here a lot longer than your mortgage or family. If you own something please do not be such a pig as to deny people or animals for that matter, from reaching other areas that are not yours. I will look to see if there is a law like at the beaches that rule against rich people from denying access to the ocean that works in this specific case.
At any rate from now on, I will boycott Mentos candy!