Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Rocky Mountains: Views From Yankee Jim Canyon, Sheep Mountain Road and Livingston Montana

Yellowstone River heads north into the Yankee Jim Canyon just below Carbella, Montana

Hi folks, I have been busy taking pictures this week. Although we have been having sunny and cloudy days, it has still been pretty darn cold with the high topping out yesterday at a balmy 24 degrees. It was a tough day along the Yellowstone River trying to catch fish with these cold days, especially when the wind kicks up. As they say in Spanish, que horror!
Did not catch any fish and not even a nibble but did have a good day regardless as it is always good to get outside and away from my electronic devices i.e. the computer and television. Today's blog, will feature three different locations with Yankee Jim Canyon the first up. This canyon is famous as the original pioneers came through here on the way to Yellowstone National Park; there is no other easy way into the Northwest portion of Yellowstone. 

As you can see on this map on the left side right below Carbella is where we took this hike.
The view looking east.

My Buddy Red enjoys the view of the Yellowstone River.

A closer view of the Rockies.

Buffalo pens in the left side middle. 

My second locale is Sheep Mountain which sits north of the Yellowstone River about ten miles out
of Livingston, Montana. After three years of wondering how to get up in them hills, I sat out last week and found that the plateau is truly sheep mountain with a lousy fence running the entire southern entrance up into it. I have heard there is a road called Convict road that might get me up there. Stay tuned!
This is Sheep Mountain about ten miles or so out of Livingston, Montana

Looking southwards into the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountains.
A peak in the Absaroka-Beartooth of the Rocky Mountains.

Some cool rock formations on Sheep Mountain I intend on visiting soon.

The third place I visited was right down the street and up on a hill where I was searching
and freezing my arse off looking for the Pan-Starrs comet to come out. I took some pictures of the local views instead including this one of the moon.

Storm brewing up over the hills heading north.

The locals call this mountain the Jesus Face.

Lonely house on the Prairie.

And the final picture show will be my favorite fishing spot where I went blanko for the freezing day.

My fishing spot on the Yellowstone.
I kept my eye on this storm heading my way north over the river.

The geese are making whoopie these days and fighting over the