Friday, March 23, 2012

Back to DC; Architecture of Our Nations Capital Mall

Hi again folks,
this week I am taking you back to my short trip to Washington, DC. I spent two days with a bicycle covering the Capital Mall area. Enjoy!
First the Capital

  A strange statue in the mall

 The Washington Monument

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial 

The Lincoln Memorial sorry folks I had intended to go back in the evening and photograph the statue of Abe with the nice lights on him but it rained two nights in a row and the third day I had to give back my bicycle.

The Supreme Court Building

The National Library

The National Arboretum 

 The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History: Next week this shall be my photoblog as I got to visit there and photography many of the wonderful items on display.

The Smithsonian Museum of Art: my blog two weeks from now shall be my visit to this wonderful exhibit with all the great paintings, statues and carvings.

This is the downtown of Washington, DC near the Capital Mall

The National Archives Building

 Statues outside of the National Archives Building