Saturday, October 8, 2011

Autumn in the Yellowstone: Colors of the Mountains

The above photo of the bull elk is one of many cool shots I captured so far this rut season here in the Yellowstone. My viewers can expect many more pictures of these great animals to be posted here in in the near future.  This work amongst the elk is 'in progress' with much more action and beauty taking place in the wilds of Wyoming.

I wanted to note that although much of my photography takes place out in the wild's with real
wild animals, like the elk herds, I always take great care to see that I do not disturb the animals in their natural habitat.I try to never place myself into a dangerous situation with them so that I nor they get hurt.

With Today's blog, I wanted to start off with a shot of one of my favorite trails that I take on my lunch time hikes. For instance this narrow lane is actually a game trail that leads down to the Gardener River.  Depending upon the season of the year, there exists ample opportunities to capture many different types of animals such as elk, buffalo, coyote, wolf and bear hanging out.

One of the last flowers of the late Indian summer

Colorful rock covered with lichen on hillside

Sun blasts this rock formation on the west side of Mt. Everett.
 I usually get to work sometime before 7 am and lately with the winter coming and the sun rising later, I have been capturing some very nice sunrises.

Same shot as below but on other morning

Morning at the Mammoth Hot Springs

A peak into the Yellowstone NP

Meadow lands along the Gardener River

Water flowing down out of the hot springs

Gardener River

Gardener River from a high point

Pine Cones covered with sap