Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Livingston, Montana Mid Winter In Color and Black And White

Yellowstone River at Sacajawea Park in Livingston, MT

Sacajawea Park

Pine Creek Montana

Pine Creek Montana in the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountains in the Galletin Wilderness Area.

And now some color

Tip of the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountains in the Galletin Wilderness Area.

My favorite fishing spot off to the right. It is a little inlet
that a lot of bid daddy fish congregate in. 

At the spot!

Yellowstone River looking North back towards Livingston

It is a little hairy going out to fish this time of year as one could slip and go swimming.

Looking North towards Livingston and the gap between the mountains.

When a large train comes through town there is only one way across and that is down this road and under a bridge.

This is the end of the tunnel going into downtown Livingston

Coming out of the tunnel.

Lots of interesting houses n the town.

Believe me the side walks are way hazardous with all the ice. Better to walk in the street.

This is a large pond frozen over in Sacajawea Park.

As good students of history we all know the story of Sacajawea and her baby as she served as guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark expedition. Her is a statue in the local park named after her.

 Some wild ducks and geese were hanging out along the open and calm Yellowstone River bank.

One of my favorite hangouts along the Yellowstone River

I believe this track use to run into the Yellowstone National Park.

This track is heading West towards Bozeman. 

Some old lady's house along the railway tracks.

This is a favorite local walking path between the Sacajawea Park and the Yellowstone River.