Thursday, October 16, 2014

 I took a recent trip through some of my old haunts in San Francisco a few weeks ago and found plenty of color, sharp angles and cool houses that have been around for many decades but are falling one by one to the thing we call progress.

Nice eucalyptus flowers on side street in the Upper Height.

This is the bike short cut pathway that runs behind Safeway on Upper Market Street and Sanchez. All city bikers know of this trail and I have myself have used it like a zillion times.

 Back in my time in San Francisco, Valencia Street use to be very run down with dozens of vacant store fronts where cool people were able to live. Now, it has been completely gentrified for better or worse; I will let you be the judge.

Artist television access on Valencia Street where I use to edit my films back in the day.

This is 561 Baker Street and sits geographically exact middle of San Francisco. I use to live there in the mid 80's. If you look at the victorian building next door you will see what it use to look like when I lived there and before they screwed it up by turning it into a big box.

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