Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baby Animals Pt 3 and Pretty Flowers of Montana and Wyoming

I went back to the Yellowstone last weekend to see what was up with the baby animal scene.
I found those Bighorn Sheep with their kids. This time there were four of the little hoppers.
They all like to hang out together and stray from their mothers as the other females tend to lookout for them all together.

There were some baby goslings along the Gardner River getting ready to take an afternoon nap.
I bet they get little sleep at night what with all the fox, coyote, bears, bobcats and coyotes searching them out.

That baby elk that was born near where I work was still there and managed to survive the week. A black bear come through Mammoth Hot Spring where there is dozens of baby elk amongst the building and killed and ate at least three of them in front of the horrified tourist that happen to witness it.

Along with the animals the flowers are starting to peak out when the sun shines. Not that is shines alot here in spring but they have sprung regardless

Photographed this in Mammoth Hot Spring area along hillside

This was captured up Suce Creek in Paradise Valle, Montana

Photographed in Mammoth Hot Springs