Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to the Blacktail Basin Mid winter and The Frozen Undine Waterfall

We headed back to the Blacktail basin this past weekend and did a bit of cross country skiing into the area all the way to the cabin. Was very sticky snow but I did not break any bones so it was, 'all good'. Was tough skiing down to the creek for water and cutting the wood for the next people to use the cabin.
Here is some of the pictures from the trip.

Upper Blacktail Basin Patrol Cabin Yellowstone NP

I invite all my friends and family to come to Montana and we shall book
the cabin for the long weekend and you can fetch the water. Is hard in the winter with deep
snow drifts, but scary in the summer with the big bad bears lurking around the bush.

Blacktail Basin
Lots of Buffalo and six and seven point bull elk hanging out around here.
Heard the wolves or coyotes yelping as well this weekend

The nice warm little cabin looking south into the park

Then we took a break to re photograph this wonderful waterfall right up the hill from Mammoth Hot Springs. I also took different exposures with opposite f stop settings. Please feel free to comment below
as to which you prefer; the deep depth of focus of f 32/45 or the shallow depth of focus at f 5.6/4.5 where I freeze the water in mid movement. I like both and need help deciding which people favor.
Thanks, comments below.
In the middle of the picture you can see a frozen waterfall; Undine 

Undine shot with f5.6/4/5
Undine Waterfall shot with f32/45
Here is the Undine Waterfall when I photographed it in mid summer

f 32/45
Here is some of the close-ups of the water shot at f5.6/4.5