Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crazies One More Time

This view is looking west towards the Crazy Mountains from Big Timber, Montana.

I realize that I have blogged a couple times with my pics of the Crazy Mountains but I waited a while for these to come back from the lab and they came out pretty good.
I plan on picking up a large format camera very soon and you guys are gonna love the high resolution imagery that I will produce this new year.  Gonna eventually set up my own darkroom and start to crank out some real nice photographer here in Montana.
...Until then, here is some more waterfalls in the Crazies.

This is the Big Timber Creek and one of the canyons that run the length of the gorge. There was plenty of snow and ice so believe me this was no easy task traversing this area; like walking on round rocks of ice.

This small mountain range is in southwest Montana and is supposed to have more
wolverines per square mile than any place on earth. I always keep my eye out for one of those little furry clawed critters.
Also, there is plenty of cougars, black bears, pronghorns, deer and large elk. Supposedly, there is no grizzlies this side of the highway but some guys I know that live nearby insist that there are the big bad bears up in thar woods.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Downtown Livingston; A Neon Freezer

Downtown Livingston, Montana was 9 degrees when I was out doing this photography.
This hotel restraunt is pretty famous around here...

The local movie theater. Is inexpensive and you can always get a seat but most of the flicks
are aimed at kids or teens as you can see from the Harry Potter Advertisement. 

There is a nightlife here. Lots of glitz just like a big city.

This place has live music.

The little woman was a real sport hiking all the way downtown to help me out
and was rewarded with a picture for the effort.