Monday, September 5, 2011

Views From the Northwest

I am back again with a mix of locations and subjects from around Montana and in the Yellowstone Park. I am trying to identify the wildflowers but not having much luck. If anyone has the free time fill free to do so and leave your flower names on the comment section below. I would greatly appreciate this.

Mountain Chickadee

Livingston Montana with the Crazy Mountains in the background and the
Yellowstone River running in the foreground

Paradise Valley with the Yellowstone River in the foreground
To get these images looking down into the Paradise Valley and Livingston I had to climb a big old 
hill about 2000 feet. I was really worn out when the grizzly bear went running by me from me. I was on a rock ledge and it came about 30 yards from me when I spooked it into a run.

Sunset over Blacktail Basin

Osprey delivering a fish to babies

Mamoth Hot Springs scen from Beaver Pond Trailhead

Hairy Woodpecker in Mammoth Hot Springs

Rain and Lighting storm over the Yellowstone Lake

Rushing waters at Le Hardys' Rapids

Le Hardys' Rapids

Lower Yellowstone Falls late summer

Ice Lake in Yellowstone NP

Buffalo crossing stream in Hayden Valley Yellowstone NP

Lake Yellowstone Shoreline

Merganser duck in Yellowstone NP

Virginia Cascade

Virginia Cascade

Yellowstone NP early morning

Yellowstone NP

Bison crossing river in Yellowstone NP

Paradise Valley Montana with the Yellowstone River