Monday, September 23, 2013

Up On My Feet Again!

Hello Folks,
I know it has been a long time coming for a post here, but I have been recovering from a serious back operation. I am up and moving around again and have done some fishing, biking and physical therapy. I feel pretty good and actually brought out my camera once again. I hope you like the results. 
Summer is ending here in Livingston and here are a couple of the colorful fall.

Yellowstone River at the lowest I have ever seen it.
Yellowstone River

A little creek that runs in my neighborhood.

Yellowstone River
Using a telephoto lens looking across the Yellowstone River into the Absaroka Mountains.

Sacajawea Park
Yellowstone River

We had some sizable fires here in Montana this summer with the Tom Miner and Emigrant fires burning in the background of various view spots around Livingston.

From the rail tracks in Downtown Livingston.

From the Shopko parking lot.

From the Yellowstone River

My buddy lives very near the Yellowstone National Park in Tom Miner Basin and he has
several apple trees. It seems that every autumn the bears come around and mob the trees and bust them up a bit, so he invited me over to help pick the apples. These deer came out early to
get the apples that we missed.

I finally got back out to my favorite local fishing spot along the Yellowstone River.
This is the famous gap between the Absaroka Mountains and the Gallentin Mountains where the
Yellowstone River runs right in the middle of them both and heads north towards Livingston where it then
takes a sharp left and goes Eastward towards Billings.
Early Afternoon

Late Afternoon

Sunset over the Yellowstone
I had a photo assignment near Roundup, Montana and spotted these homes along the road heading north out of Billings. Fred and Barney where nowhere to be seen.

It is late summer early autumn in Southwest Montana and we get these wonderful storms that come up out of no where with wind, thunder and lighting and heavy rain and hail. I love it all!

Lighting strike taken with my camcorder and then culled out for a
single image.