Sunday, January 23, 2011

Red's Place and Paradise Valley in Winter

Hi folks,
I bought a new camera this Friday and went out to break it in with some simple pictures of a buddy of mine's home in the Tom Miner Basin. This location rests on the Southern entrance of Paradise Valley and northern mountains of Yellowstone NP My buddy is name Red and he has worked up in Yellowstone since the early 70's and is a great guy.
Red spotted a major ice block on his road so instead of hitting it later, he broke it down then and there

This is Red explaining the facts of life to me in his foreign accent; He is from the Boston Area and sounds funny with some words

This is his garage and work space. Red build this and all the structures you will see here

This is his house through the woods A small stream runs right in front of the place

This is the house he built and I think it is a great job.
Front facing North
Facing North West

Facing South East

Facing South

Red is doing some ice sculpture and I expect big things when I return

His property is like a petting zoo with deer, elk, rabbits, bear, coyote, birds and the Great Horn Owls that are due to return shortly.(Hopefully, I will capture them in their nesting...look for future posts!)
A Wood pecker 

The bambi herd leaving out the back

Now, these images are of the wonderful Paradise Valley at the base of the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountain Range. As you will see it is very very beautiful here and my new camera will fit in very well.

Looking South into the Paradise Valley along Highway 89

The bridge over the Yellowstone leading to Tom Miner Basin

The Yellowstone River along at the opening of Tom Miner Basin

Frozen Yellowstone with Absaroka-Bearthooth Mountains behind in the Paradise Valley

Looking East towards Bozeman Montana from the Paradise Valley

Frozen Yellowstone

 Absaroka-Beartooth Mountains in the Paradise Valley, Montana
Frozen Yellowstone River with Absaroka-Beartooth Mountain Range in the Background