Monday, January 21, 2013

Montana In Deep Freeze

Hi Folks for the past three weeks the temperature has been a balmy -5 to 5 degrees with the wind sometimes blowing 45 miles per hour. Needless to say the Yellowstone River has froze up in some places and the large animals have come down off the mountains. This blog will focus on that river in it's frozen glory and a herd of Big Horn sheep with their thick winter coats. Enjoy!
Frozen Yellowstone at the Bridge in Tom Miner Basin

Plenty of deer hanging out at Red's house in Tom Miner Basin. I stopped counting at 40. Is nice to have them around but a large bear also likes to hang out at this semi remote home and tear things up.

Somebody put this in Red's front yard as a Christmas joke.

The Big Horn Sheep came off the mountain in Tom Miner Basin to eat and for a photo
of with yours truly.

This is the old railway road that goes through the Tom Miner Basin and up to the Yellowstone NP
Very beautiful any time of year and especially when covered in white.

Yellowstone River

Tom Miner Basin, Montana

Tom Miner Basin on the edge of Paradise Valley, Montana

The old railway line up to the Yellowstone National Park

Tom Minor Basin

This is some old 19th to 20th turn of the century marking that were put here for the train that use to run
from Livingston some 45 miles away up to the Yellowstone National Park.

For some stupid reason they shut down the train run.

The train use to run into this Yankee Jim Canyon and parallel along the Yellowstone River.

As my buddy Red points out it would have been a really beautiful ride to the
 Yellowstone NP back in the day.

Nice view of the Yellowstone River in Yankee Jim Canyon, Montana

Frozen but still moving in spots the Yellowstone River