Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th Of July From Livingston, Montana!

Hi Folks,
here is a few shot of my little town's forth of July fireworks.
Peaceful sunset in Sacajawea Park.

 These next shots were with the pond reflecting the fireworks.

 And just pure reflections.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tour of Montana

Hi folks,
this past week, I was happy to have my daughter visit from California on her first trip
to Montana, and we made the most of it touring all over the local area. We went up the big Wineglass mountain near where I live,  made a short trip to a buddies in Tom Miner Basin, drove up the hill into Yellowstone National Park for a grand car tour and finally over to my favorite hang out in the Crazy Mountains. These images and video reflect what we saw with both Sasha and myself 
handling the camera duties with a few local shot in and around Livingston.

 First a little Video of Sasha's visit.

Day 1 Wineglass Mountain and a Bar B Que!

Kerry Lee took his guest up the mountain for the views.

Looking towards the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountain Range from the Looking Glass Mountain

Looking down upon my little town of Livingston.

Sasha was ready for the ride up the mountain.

Looking across the way to the Crazy Mountains calling us.

Day 2 Tom Miner Basin And Yankee Jim Canyon

Sasha captured this pronghorn in digital 35mm.

June 2013 Super moon!

Back behind Red's place the deer come out early.

A Flicker hangs out at Red's Bird Bar.

A Pine Siskin fluffs it up at Red's Bird Bar.

Cassin's Finch

We even came across a camel called Sputter.

American White Pelicans flying over the Yellowstone River

Prickly Pear Cactus lurks in the grass around here.

Sasha poses in front of the Yellowstone River at Yankee Jim Canyon near Tom Miner Basin.

Box Car Canyon, Yellowstone 'River.

Cassin's Finch gets his grub on at Red's bird bar.

This Pine Siskin ate way too much.

Day 3 Yellowstone National Park

We came across some baby bison that was getting spooked by some
tourist children chasing them. Not good with the inept mother
running behind the kids as they crossed the road after the bison.


Sasha and I.
Sasha was dying to see some babies and got her wish down in
Gardener, Montana.

The big herds of bison with all the newborns were way way off at the end
of the day.

Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River

Upper Falls of the Yellowstone in the Yellowstone Canyon.

It would rain and then bring beautiful rainbows afterwards.

Sasha captured some nice shots of the bison pigging out on all the new grass.

This is Old Faithful the big geyser.

Female big horn sheep hanging out.

He had a big itch.

Day Four: The Crazy Mountains  

The Super Moon was waning when we camped out this night.

That night we got some nice light for flower macro photography

Needless to say Big Timber Creek was ragging.

Sasha snagged this shot on the way out of the mountains.