Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter in Livingston Montana. Long Long Winter!

   Hi folks,

  first off, please check out my new website. I put a lot of work into this and hope it reflects my past photography pretty well with all of my travels and time living abroad.

And now back to my little town Livingston mid winter.

This hill looks easy but in reality it turns into an ice sheet and you
do not want to walk or drive down it when it is frozen.

Looking West towards Bozeman.

Town Cemetery

These are the steps that broke my back.

Notice the ice? This is where at 5 am in the morning on the way to work,
I slipped and destroyed my 4/5 lumbar disk which led
to my diseconomy and laminectomy.

It(the snow) has been piling up this past week.

Keeping a clean path has been a chore and when the snow melts
with the Chinok winds it turn to ice sheets. 

My fishing spot on the Yellowstone River

Water Ouzel takes one last break before the nightfall.

                     Had a little trip to West Yellowstone a couple of weeks ago.

Inside Yellowstone National Park 

These are sled dogs getting ready to go to work.