Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Bear Cubs, Baby Elk, An Elusive Bull Snake And Other Images From Montana and Yellowstone NP

Hello again Folks. It is still summer so far in Montana and the Yellowstone area and the 
animals are out in full. Baby bears, elk, snake, geese and a mountain blue bird make up this weeks posting along with a few landscape shots of the natural beauty of this area.

A large family of geese head down the Yellowstone River on their way to better shores.

The Absaroka Mountains stick out over the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley, Montana

The view from one of my favorite fishing spot along the Yellowstone River with the Absaroka Mountains butting up
in the backdrop.

This is my shortcut crossing for my bicycle going from Downtown Livingston to the hill I live on in North Livingston.

Every house seems to have a rabbit hanging out eating the flowers like this hare up in Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone NP.

This elk calf came over to eat some sweet grass and hang out in the shade of the large building in Mammoth Hot Springs.

It sniffed around 

Looked around

Did some more sniffing

Looked around again

and then took off back to momma!

This is a Mountain blue bird that hangs out often where I am working.

Here is that bull snake I was trying to photograph since the summer of 2010. It is about five feet long and dines
at the colony of ground squirrels nearby it's hide out in a drainage pipe along the road.

Bull snake on the prowl for unsuspecting ground squirrel prey.
 These family of black bears was spotted in the Lower Mammoth residential area. While the mother slept in the shade of a big tree the two cubs literally hung out in another large tree.

Notice the two cubs making their way up the tree?

This little fella seemed to be checking me out down below and just sort of hanging there.

The two were having a great time while their momma slept

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