Friday, June 15, 2012

Finally Summer in the Park.

Hi Folks, summer has finally come to the Yellowstone National Park and all the animals are out some with their new babies. I hope you like my one hundredth post.

The Tourist are back in Yellowstone now that the weather is warm.

Things are bubbling to the surface with the runoff as you can see with this spring
coming out of Mammoth Hot Springs.

This Coyote is shedding his winter coat.

This great horned owl sits in a tree near it's nest and occasionally swoops down to kill things like ground squirrels and

The baby elks are back around the compound. The cow elks use this area to calve as the predators do not like to
be around humans.

These swallows love to warm themselves up under the morning sun before beginning their day.

The Blacktail basin is shut down for the spring to let the bears have the right away and to avoid any unsuspecting
tourist pumping into the defense mothers with cups. 

This cow and her baby were hiding amongst the large machinery in Mammoth.

There were two calves with this elk. Quite unusual.

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