Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yellowstone in the Spring: Birds, snow, buffalo and bear.

Lower Terrace Mammoth Hot Springs

Dormant Vent

This is Mammoth Hot Springs compound in Yellowstone National Park
 looking from the Upper
Looking into the Blacktail Basin Southeast

Looking East Evidently some guy once got lost up on that plateau and spent many days
dodging animals and death

A natural volcanic event

Elephant Back in the Upper Terrace

Lava Creek

The Yellowstone multi-dominational church...I do not think this guy is waiting to get hitched?

Looking south towards the Blacktail Basin after a snow storm

We have had tons of snow here this year

It has been a very tough time up here for the animals and especially the Bison

Things are starting to perk up for the springtime and now we begin to see the animals coming out of the ground like black bears
Black Bear Tracks lead to bears

A large black bear soaking up the sun after his long sleep of five months

This spot is right on top of where he slept all winter in a dormant fumarole

He was checking me out
But decided to go back to his nap

Mountain Bluebird 

Lone Bison and his endless quest for green grass

More of the same

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