Friday, April 22, 2011

Paradise Valley, Montana

 You have to watch for wild animals along the road with elk, deer and antelope coming down the mountains to feed on the grasslands of the Paradise Valley. Much of the area is fenced off for private property so you have to be careful of the humans as well as they are very uptight about anyone crossing
their land. You still can enjoy the views regardless of the ranchers, farmers and uber rich that have staked out major claims here in one of Montana's most beautiful valley.
Paradise Valley has the Yellowstone river flowing right down the middle of it

There is paradise and death in this valley as you can see with this elk killed roadside

Emigrant Peak

Some of the best grasslands in the world are in this valley

Lots and lots of snow this winter

A couple of geese head out when I crossed their path along the Yellowstone River

This hill is the beginning of Tom Miner Basin

Absaroka Beartooth Range

A lone teepee sits on private property with the Absaroka-Beartooth mountain range dominating the background

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