Sunday, April 10, 2011

Springtime In Wyoming And Montana Or As I call it Slushtime

Spring time at sundown on my street in Livingston, Montana

This is my windshield window of my work truck at 7am ...brrrr!

These are Grey Crowned Rosy Finches

Usually they live above the tree line in the park but the heavy snow has them seeking food
at a lower elevation.

I was lucky enough to get some ok shot during a light snow shower

This is the Upper Mezzanine area of Mammoth Hot Springs

Pretty shadows peak out between snow storms

Also animal tracks in this case a bobcat is left behind when people are not around

Pine Creek Waterfall in Autumn
Pine Creek Waterfall in Early Spring

The Pine Creek waterfall

Here is an ice fall on the Pine Creek waterfall
I love the aqua blue colors

We hiked 2.5 miles up through the snow to finally capture a worthwhile couple of pictures...
then we hiked the 2.5 miles back down to the car with the light hail and snow hitting our heads

This pretty horse came over to our car while I was taking these pictures below

The deer are numerous in Paradise Valley

I believe it is because of the access to ranch lands where the few mountain loins cannot go

Elk chilling out in Yellowstone's Mammoth Hot Spring area

"All the scratch is making me itch!"
-Malcom McClearen
More elk antlers

The remains of elk antlers in Yellowstone

Next week more springtime pictures and special tribute to Yellowstone National Park


  1. Beautiful photos!!
    The 2.5 hike was well worth those waterfall photos!!

  2. Actually it was 2.5 up and then 2.5 back...
    my knee was a little sore as I am out of shape but as
    the spring thaw(?) continues into summer I shall be hiking much more.
    I have a new large format camera to work with this summer and as soon
    as I get a place to land my dark room I shall have some very detailed photos for you to critique.
    Thanks for the compliment...I wish more folks would take the time to do so.