Friday, May 6, 2011

The High Flying Birds of Wyoming and Montana Plus One Low Crawler

The Magpie; probably the most common and most notable bird in the area
This Magpie was in the forest around the Mammoth Hot Springs

I captured this close up photo when the little sneak tried to rip into my
garbage back in the back of my truck.

The common Robin is everywhere in the forest and brush lands as they are nesting and put up
a display for me when I pass so that I will miss their nest chasing them.

The Mountain Chicadees are searching the trees and bushes for food and are a difficult
subject to photograph as they are rarely still and very tiny.
These little birds can be found in trees bushes and along watery areas such as streams and rivers
The Mountain Blue Birds are also out and about and can be almost always
be found in matted pairs with one being much lighter in color. This was a darker Hued bird

This pretty American Kestrel was photographed in the Bridger Area outside of Bozeman and I think is one of the
most colorful birds around.

Red Shafted Flicker in tree in upper Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone National Park

This very pretty Red Shafted Flicker is nesting in a tree right outside a residence in Mammoth Hot Springs
Took me several days to get this photo but since I found the nest more shots will be forth coming.

Red Shafted Flicker outside of next...hole in tree.

These Two matted Red Tail hawks were a long ways almost out of my camera lens reach.
They were soaring and playing around together near their nest.
Would we have birds without snakes?
After a rather uneventful lunchtime hike I came across this Bull Snake on the trail and did a nice jump
to avoid him/her.
As I repositioned to get a better photo, he slid backwards into his hole.
I know where he hides and you can expect I will be back for more of this guy.

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