Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Frozen Ponds, Fishing At Night And the Yellowstone River In Black And White

Hi folks,
I am back again to highlight some of the things I have been doing around Livingston, Montana.
First off, I finished my documentary video called "The Coal Trains of Montana" which I shot this past year. Please check out this link.

The Coal Trains Of Montana 

Now to my still photography.
I have a new place to hike and take pictures and I showed you a little bit of the area in digital color a few weeks ago and now I present some large format (4 X 5 ) black and white negative work up in this West Pine Creek area. 
Also,  I have some other black and white images of the Yellowstone River in and around Livingston which is still sort of frozen up at this stage in the long winter.  There is also some images shot and up on the Syke Trail out of Bozeman which I shot last fall. 

I also have been going out late at night to go fishing and had a two night battle with some pretty sizable trouts on the Yellowstone. I took some night time shots in color digital and wish to show this to you guys.

Highway 89 over the Yellowstone River in Livingston, MT

Yellowstone River at night

Yellowstone River at night

Sacajawea Statue in Livingston, MT

Sacajawea Park Livingston, MT

Yellowstone River at night

Frozen Pond Sacajawea Park Livingston, MT

Sacajawea statue in Sacajawea park, Livingston, MT

Yellowstone River at night

Sacajawea Park Pond

Semi frozen Sacajawea pond

Black & White Negative 
Divide Road looking west

Pine Creek Road looking east

West Pine Creek Road

West Pine Creek Road looking east at the Absaroka-Beartooth Range

West Pine Creek Road

West Pine Creek Road

Yellowstone River

Ice build ups along the Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River

Into the void 

Nice rock formation on the Sype trail.

My trail on top of a mountain.

Bozeman Montana from Sype Trail

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