Thursday, October 10, 2013

Snow, Then Autumn Again, All In One Week.

Hi Folks,
last week we got a good foot of the white stuff which is a entire month earlier than usual. Needless to say this made some people a little nervous about a very long winter ahead. The good news is that the snow was blown away and melted by a Chinok wind that came up and we are back into autumn; my favorite season as when I lived in California the summers were so brutal and long there that I longed for the crisp air of fall and my favorite holiday, Halloween. I still favor fall over the rest of the seasons, as the color of the trees, sky and damp air is very melancholy for me.

Enjoy this week's blog of winter and autumn all together in one week.
My back alley; probably one of the prettiest alleys I have ever seen.

The backyard and garage covered in it.

I took these next few photos going over the Bozeman Pass out the window of my 
truck. Petty good one handed stuff if I must say.. Petty good one handed stuff if I must say.

 The Absaroka-Beartooth Wildness area. I just love that term wildness.
" The deeper you go into the woods, the stronger the magic"
-Native American proverb

Emigrant Peak in Paradise Valley, Montana.
 A flock of Sand Hill Cranes are holding up on the lush grass in Paradise Valley, Montana pigging out on insects.

And then the autumn thankfully returns.
We took a little hike up to Pine Creek to enjoy the colors and fresh air and water of the trail.

 The big bad ice crystals are already forming on the creek.

My photogenic wife Lidice

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