Sunday, October 21, 2012

Colors of Autumn In Pine Creek Montana

Hi Folks,
this weekend I took a hike up into the Pine Creek area of Paradise Valley in the Absaroka Mountains.
This area had a major fire that burned for over a month until some snow finally put it out. Still there is some smoke flumes coming off the deep recesses of the mountains.

The trees had beautiful gold and yellow colors and of course the sky had the lovely clouds and the rock formations were pretty awesome too. Hopefully, I captured the grandeur of this area this time of year for you viewers.

Absaroka Mountains in the background

Some of the burnt out area along Pine Creek

I love the texture of the brunt wood here.

Pine Creek

A cool looking landslide on George Lake Trail

Pine Creek area

Paradise Valley, MT

More pretty forest.

Paradise Valley,MT

These two silly burros were busy playing with food dish when I drove by.

This is the view into the Pine Creek area from the George Trail.

This is some of the burnt out areas from the massive fire this August.

The trees are really beautiful this time of year.

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