Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Cemeteries of Santiago, Chile

This week, I shall go back to some of my work in 2004 and 2005. In Santiago, there is a giant cemetery in the middle of the city called General Cemetery and the equally impressive cemetery Catholic Cemetery not to far away from that one. I spent several days and one night in the giant city sized General Cemetery and a long long day in the Catholic one. This is the imagery from those visits.   Enjoy!

The General Cemetery has many different types of crypts and grave stones. Many crypts are family owned and generation of family members are placed in them.

 This part of the cemetery was very colorful

Many of the people buried here have a shade made with their favorite soccer team's colors overhead.

These rows were of the people murdered by Pinochit and his junta and were buried after the bodies were returned or taken back by the families.
This is the memorial to those murdered in the time of Pinochit. Many were small children

Another memorial to the murdered.

Folk singer Victor Jara's gravesite. He was also murdered by Pinochit.

This was a haunted site. I photographed it with black and white negative film, color slide film and a digital
and never did one image come out in focus. Focus is never a problem for me until I came across this site.
Even this medium shot of this statue did not focus.

This statue was set atop a family crypt that had kept their mayan heritage in their site.

And now the Catholic Cemetery

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