Friday, August 19, 2011

Yosemite National Park: Bursting Loose with Water in Black & White

Hi Folks,
here is some of my black and white photography from Yosemite National Park.
Tomorrow, I will have the color images up for review on the blog. The  conditions in Yosemite were tough with the heavy winds and wet mist on all of the falls. This made my negatives bounce around inside the 4 X 5 Camera which caused me to lose many shots. Rats! Nevertheless, I did manage to capture what I think are some very detailed images of the granite rocks and waterfalls.
   Sunday, I shall have the Teton National Park up for viewing. I have a long weekend of editing and then next week I will be back to taking pictures... as I should be caught up with my backlog of images.
Also, my wife Lidice will be back from Chile after a long month and a half which seemed like a year and a half. We shall be taking trips around the state where the short summer here in Montana is closing out. The temperatures in Yellowstone have been dipping down into the 30's; I even had ice on my truck windows up at the cabin in the Blacktail Basin. All the local people and myself included are praying for a long Indian summer here in Montana and Wyoming.

So for now, 
Yosemite National Park in full flood stage after the long wet, wet winter in California.

Nevada Falls

Merced River

Nevada Falls

Vernal Falls

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