Friday, August 12, 2011

Two Completely Different Locales: Passing Through Jackpot Idaho and the Sunset and Sunrise at the Blacktail Basin

Hi Folks,
I know I wrote that I was going to highlight the Grand Tetons and the Waterfalls and Granite Rocks of Yosemite NP, however I wanted to show these two colorful locations before that.
The first is the little pitstop for gambling Jackpot, Nevada and the other is Blacktail Basin Yellowstone National Park. Not much in Jackpot but this big sign in front of the lame hotel that did not even give a free breakfast for $77 bucks. With all due respect to Jackpot residence, the only thing worthy of a photo was this sign.

And now the 
Blacktail Basin and Lakes in Yellowstone NP
First sunset from the Cabin

Pronghorns head over the hills at the sunset
Then the sunrise on the Blacktail Lakes.

That is the patrol cabin where those who visit me can go and stay

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