Sunday, June 6, 2010

Livingston, Montana and Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone National Park

Hey All,

After two days of driving, two crappy beds in hotels and plenty of rain, I am in Livingston Montana.
This is 52 miles from where I will be working but there is nothing in the way of shelter near the park as I am not set up with the NPS just yet and do not have access to the free dorms and breakfast lunch and dinners at Mammoth Hot Springs. I rented a second floor apartment across from the down library and have hard wood floors (squeeky) and access to a movie house, numerous bars and city life. My plan is to work and stay as much as possible in Mammoth sliding into the long weekends for my photography and hiking biking the park. I drove through the park and saw in just one location about 40 baby bison kicking and hopping around in the wet spots. People are very nice and simple here and if the job works out I can see me liking these two states; Wyoming where the park is and Montana where we will live.
I hope you all keep up with my blog as I plan on keeping that up with my latest photography and articles of my time here in the vast wilderness dealing with bears, bison and other such animals like bikers without helmets here in Montana.

Richard P. Belcher Jr

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