Friday, April 5, 2013

Middle Cottonwood Trail in the Bridger Mountains And Big Timber Creek in The Crazy Mountains

Hello folks,
my latest post will include images of two different hikes I recently took. The first is the Middle Cottonwood Trailhead in the Bridger Mountains outside of Bozeman Montana.
The second is my latest hike into the snow laden Crazy Mountains and my vain attempt to catch a fish.

The trail is sort of a bush whack at the start.

It was pretty thick for sometime but I kept up the hike anyway.

These rock formations were my destination.

There was all kinds of neat rock sticking out.

At the top.

Back down the hill I went.

And at the bottom again.

Looking back at where I just was.

 My second hike was up in my favorite hangout the Crazy mountains. There was absolutely nobody up there as the snow was still blocking the road and I had to hike an extra 1.5 miles just to begin my hike along the Big Timber Creek seeking those trout.

The Crazy Mountains looking west.

You drive right into these peaks.

This spot is usually a raging river but you can see winter is still hanging on up here.

It was tough fishing to say the least with the deep snow.

Looking east down the Big Timber Creek.

Taking pictures in a semi dark canyon with snow on the ground is as tough as it gets with the high contrast making any exposures very difficult to say the least.

Looking up the Big Timber Creek westward.

I love the color and texture on this fence.

Leaving the Crazies and I like the colors of the late day.

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