Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rocky Mountain Cemetery on a Hillside in Montana And a Couple of Springtime Critters.

Hi people, we had a foot of nice fluffy snow last weekend so I brought out the old large format camera for some old fashioned black and white pictures or Mill Creek, Shorthill Cemetery, and Paradise Valley, Montana. A little color is also tossed in for good measure of springtime animals of Yellowstone and more landscapes of Montana.

Shorthill Cemetery

Emigrant Peak

The snow may be coming but the spring is coming as you can see with my animal pics below.

Ground Squirrel catching up on his munching after another long winter

Same giant black bear I photographed last year at this time. He is the big guy that hibernates in an old fumarole and then wakes up eats grass and slaughter like ten baby elks born nearby. Thus the giant size!

Very pretty killdeer back for summer
Williamson's Sapsucker with tree buds in Spring
Williamson's Sapsucker

The Absaroka Mountains in Paradise Valley, Montana

Mill Creek

Now back to the glory of the Montana Landscapes and Shorthill Cemetery

This is a tombstone of someone from the Shorthill family whom the cemetery is named after

Mill Creek

Interesting garage going up the Old Emigrant Road

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