Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Loneliness of Yellowstone in the Winter; Snow, Elk and Death

Hi folks.
I wanted to continue onward with my photography of Washington, DC however I did not want to abandon my original fans that log on here to see my nature photography. So, for this weekend I shall deviate back to the Yellowstone National Park.
The view from my work truck as I had to my job at the end of the world; Cook City the Northeast entrance of Yellowstone.
 These first five shots are the Upper Terrace of Mammoth Hot Springs where I take my lunchtime hikes sometimes.

This is the Lower Terrace area in Mammoth

Sort of a lonely job huh?

Down the hill from Mammoth
The Gardener River

Dead Elk probably brought down by the Canyon Wolf pack that has been hanging out around Mammoth Hot Springs

The Elk have been nervous while the pack is around.

Just a few days ago, before the sun came up I spotted a large herd of elk quickly heading
by where I was working in Mammoth. I followed them for a short distance and waited to see why they were so nervous. 

This was why the Canyon Pack was right on the scent

This old dog seemed like it just wanted to get the hunt over and to eat

This white wolf had a thing going on with this spot. Maybe an old lover or elk piss?

Back on the scent

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