Friday, May 27, 2011

Babies of Yellowstone Part 2 and a Pair of High Flyers

In the Yellowstone, the spring is here even though we are still getting rain and snow flurries.
The elk cows are having babies all over the place in between the buildings. Smart thinking or instincts to protect them from the the wolves, bears and mountain loins.
 This little one was born five minutes before I took this picture. The mother was cleaning him up and those little legs were shaking pretty hard.
Newborn Elk Calf about two hours old

Nice Profile
Checking thing out while mom eats

A large group of cow elks showed up and were sniffing the baby. It's mother ran them off.

Already finding the table

Not only were the elk busy popping out little ones but the bighorn sheep were at it to up in the rocks.
Along the Gardiner River below Mammoth Hot Springs the bighorn sheep often cross the highway to get a drink of the river. Makes for big traffic in the tourist months and especially if they have babies with them. This is the first baby spotted this spring.

Looking at the traffic
She wanted to make her daily cross to the river
He spotted me
Jumping down
Jumping up
Checking out the new smells

This little guy was popping all over the hill
Jumped around and forgot about mom

I found this pair of eagles nesting along a small creek near the Yellowstone river near the Crazy Mountains outside of Clyde Park. Montana.

Eagles nest with mom sitting

Looking for the next meal

He found a buddy or a snack?
Big Male Eagle on a break from the nest duties

Male Eagle calling to his mate
Female Eagle