Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yellowstone National Park; Snow, Elk, Ice and the Yehti

   Ok Folks I am back with more pictures to view. I decided to show where I work in Yellowstone with the historic buildings, animals and people that I come across every day on the job.
First though, I wanted to show a 180 degree image of Paradise Valley Montana mid winter.
Paradise Valley looking Northwest towards Boseman Mt
Photo was taken from Pine Creek Rd


Atacama Chile, Near San Pedro

I also wanted to add a link to my older work while living in the South American country of Chile. I put this
web site together and it illustrates many of my travels to that part of the world with images of people, art,
nature, current events and sports....please take the time to check it out.

Now on to Yellowstone...

 What's got long white hair and comes out of the snow?
                                                                      Dennis Clark
Dennis Clark carpenter of some 25 years and about to retire I call him the Yehti and some folks
call him Woodstock. Dennis has been a big part of keeping the buildings in top shape for over two decades.
Will be sorry to see him go as he still owes my lunch!
The old pump house

Living quarters for seasonal employees

Apartments for employees

Notice the piles of deep snow.

Lonely roads in lower Mammoth residential area

Employees get all types of visitors hanging out in front yards

Lovely creeks flow throughout Mammoth carrying ice cold water and sometimes boiling hot

Boiling River flowing down towards Gardiner Montana

Behind the pump house crowd hanging out

This girl was stuck on the wrong side of the fence that protects the house plants from  the elk.

This creek runs through the residential area of lower Mammoth

Another visitor to the apartments at Lower Mammoth

Lots of elk poop all over the place
How many people have actually ever scene elk poop?
Well now you have!

Next week, I premier my new documentary video, "Dipperville" and highlight some of my work from Chile and give a visual tour of where I live in Livingston, Montana ;land of the endless wind.
See you then.

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