Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long Hungry Descent and Cruel Demise of the Buffalo

Stampeding Buffalo in Lower Mammoth Hot Springs

The snow is so deep in Yellowstone National Park this year that the Buffalo herds are coming down the 
mountains through Mammoth and into the Gardiner and Yankee Jim Canyon looking for food. This herd came right down the street in Lower Mammoth where I was working, being guided by a fire truck back into the hills.

   Unfortunately, if these fuzzy guys make it to far into Montana, the local ranchers start a fuss and want them to be put down(killed). Hundreds of Bison might meet a kick death from a bullet unless people can convince the ranchers to let them be. The fear is that the Buffalo have brucellosis which wrecks havoc with cows causing premature birth.
 This disease originally came from the cattle industry and these days ranchers seem to forget this fact and insist on any that make it out of the park. So these beautiful animals that you see in this photo collage might soon be dead.

The Boys are back in Town!

Most normal neighborhoods have kitty cats cutting across lawns
jumping fences....

Here in Yellowstone they get much heavier fuzzy creatures 

The herd heads back into the wilds for now...

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