Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saw something last night I never saw before.

Last evening at sundown, I was up in a high flat plateau taking pictures when I saw numerous flashes over the mountains. It was a raging lighting storm coming in towards me. I thought about taking long exposure pictures but the thing like a monster from a Japanese monster movie was coming fast, so I went down into the canyon to ride it out. It was like being in a cash wash with lighting hitting all over in my truck. The wind was blasting up dust and debris and I thought this might be the time I die. This went on for two hours, as this cold wet air pushed out the hot left over stale air of the day. The rolling thunder was just like Odin and Thor would sound like playing with the other gods as I finally fell to sleep. Woke up to more thunder and lighting and this would come throughout the entire day.

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