Saturday, November 20, 2010

Elk and Snow Removal

A cow squealling a high pitch sound like a baby's cry

Two feet of snow has come down so far. I keep shuffling it out of the way but it keeps falling.
My car was unable to make it into the garage because of the steep snowy laden hill.
Well actually, I finally made it up the hill and tried to take a fast left turn up the alleyway and went slideways and fished tailed almost into a light post before getting bogged down again.
Finally clears out a spot up front our condo with my new expensive(worth every penny!) shovel and put the car into the clean spot.
Tried to put the chains on the back tires but only one was good so the other is still off my left wheel.
Hope my antifreeze holds up in the 5 degree weather tonight so we can get another set of tire chains in the morning
and then make the attempt into the damn garage again!
At any rate, here is some of the video I shot today of me hard at it and a few images from Mammoth Hot Springs area where I work of the elk herd hanging out.

Part 1

Part 2 of Snow Removal

A pretty cow

This is the bull and some of his cows hanging out in the old fort barracks area
trying to cool off.

Here is a second bull elk with his herd of cows resting just a few houses away from the other herd

And another bull but without a herd. A loser sitting just a dozen yards away from another bull and his herd...a third herd at that.

 A herd

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