Friday, October 8, 2010

Crazzzzzzy Mountains with Bollo

The entrance into the East side of the Crazy Mountains out of Big Timber, Mt.
My buddy Mike alias Bollo came out from California to do some hiking with me.
We went to Tom Miner Basin, Lamar Valley in Yellowstone, Pine Creek Trail and the Crazy is the fruits of our hard work in the Crazy mountains.

Blacktail Deer on the way out of the Crazies

Big Timber Peak with Granite Peak in the background

Big Timber Creek

Big Timber Peak

Flower along riverbank

Natural Bridge(will hike to there soon enough)

The fog rolled on in in the mornings

The Aspen trees were all yellow with the coming winter

Pretty are they not?

Granite Peak

One of the many water cascades on the Big Timber Creek
Pronghorn Sheep on the way out
Pronghorn herd with a male keeping an eye on his harem of females

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