Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blacktail Trailhead with Undine and Wraith Falls

This was the was the moonrise view from the front of our cabin.

Back again from within Yellowstone NP and this time some pictures of the beautiful Blacktail Trailhead area and the Undine and Wraith waterfalls.

This area was a graveyard of elk bones.
I bet the Native Americans use to love whacking some big game in this area.

The view from a little ways up the hill with our cabin horse barn in view right top
Some of the leftovers..

A little camp visitor Mr. Pronghorn.

Wraith Falls Yellowstone NP
Upper part Undine Falls Yellowstone NP
And the whole enchilda Undine Falls Yellowstone NP
Blacktail area Yellowstone NP

This is my trick shot. 3 close up photos of the falls then spliced together with Photoshop.
I hope it works for you folks.

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