Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Geese, Buffalo and other items.

Hi folks,
it has been sometime since I last posted so here we go.
Took the in-laws over to West Yellowstone and up to Mammoth Hot Springs where they and I saw and photographed many pretty and awesome things.
Big animals, little animals,  thermal pools blasting geysers galore.
It will all be played out in the next few days as I scale down my video of Old Faithful and the ride from Mammoth To Livingston; The one that I take four days a week.
So with out further adieu...

  •                Wild Geese along the Madison River in Yellowstone NP

A mini stream of hot water from the Grand prismatic area running into a small river.

White Dome Geyser

My wife took this one while I shot video of the White Dome Geyser erupting.
Grand prismatic area pool (not the Grand one!)
Small geyser blowing off some water!

That's all for now folks as I got to edit more....
See ya tomorrow.

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